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From the Association of Jewish Libraries July/August edition of NEWS AND REVIEWS

From the Association of Jewish Libraries July/August edition of NEWS AND REVIEWS

Posted by Kalaniot Books on Apr 11th 2024

Weimer, Liza. 
Out and About: A Tale of Giving.
Illustrated by Margeaux Lucas.
Moosic: Kaloniot Books, 2023.
32 pp. $19.99 (9798986396545) HC.
Reviewed from an ARC.
Preschool-Gr. 2.

Early one morning, Daniel, a boy of elementary school age, awakens to the sound of crunching snow and sees his father walking away from the house, a box in his arms. When asked where he was going, the reply was “out and about.” The next day Daniel sees both his parents out early; again they say they were “out and about.” When he returns home after school, Daniel finds his mother talking with a neighbor about her financial issues and hears that the family has received some anonymous help. Daniel begins to understand what his parents have been doing. He also remembers a time when others helped his family when a grandparent was ill. Wanting to contribute and go “out and about” himself, Daniel chooses some toys from his room to donate to the family along with helping to create a Shabbat dinner. The lesson learned, now it is Daniel telling his wondering younger brother, that he’s just been “out and about,” continuing the family’s quiet acts of kindness without needing recognition or thanks. Back matter includes an explanation of the importance of tzedakah, Maimonides’ Eight Levels of Tzedakah, and a glossary. Full color illustrations, with muted tones, fill the pages, showing a diverse student body at Daniel’s clearly Jewish school.A mezuzah is seen on one page, kippot are worn by Daniel and other males, and the females all wear skirts. Offered with a sophistication and detail not seen in books about tzedakah for younger children, this gentle and accessible introduction to the concept is perfect for sharing with elementary aged students.

Judy Ehrenstein, Co-editor, Children’s & Teen Literature, AJL News & Reviews Children’s Librarian, Montgomery County Public Libraries, Bethesda, MD